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Coffee and Chocolate...

The Perfect Combination!

The Scattered Thoughts of Obsidian Butterfly
14 April 1966
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Who will shag you?Mads Mikkelsen
Where will this happen?On the set while others watch
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Obsessed with Mads Mikkelsen, loves foreign movies. Has always had an curiosity for vampires. Loves Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. Writes, reads and breathes SLASH!!!! Other men of interest: Jonathon Rhys Myers & Jared Leto Loves her boy toys together...getting down and dirty.
Strengths: Friendly most times, helpful, creative, lovable, dependable.
Weaknesses: Stubborn, hateful (at certain times during the month) tends to put off things till the last minute, late to places.
Special Skills: Loves to write SLASH!!!! Makes dorky icons but some beautiful ones.
Weapons: wicked tongue when defending ones self agaisnt attacks. knack for turning a situation around so the other person feels to blame (don't really mean to it just happens)
What I hate: I hate it when people are so closed minded that they are unwilling to see things from the other side. I hate it when people judge you on what they think you are before getting to know you.

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I married tinkerbell_may on March 23rd at marry_a_ljuser to be my LJ spouse (my buddy) Don't we do the darnest things......

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Brother to Brother: Mikkelsen, Leto & Farrell Cest bro_2_bro dedicated to that special kind of love that brothers sometimes share

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